Professional aquarium services

At Akua Design, our work is a passion and our reputation, the most precious asset.

Installation of aquariums

At Akua Design, our experts offer you a complete installation service, according to your needs, when you want it.

Following the study of your needs, we will offer you a personalized service plan.

Thinking of installing an aquarium?
We can help you set up your new aquarium at home or in the office.

Create a perfect world and mood for your environment:

  • An expert in the maintenance of fresh or salt water aquariums;
  • Our installation services adapt to all your needs;
  • Installation and start-up of a new aquarium, residential or commercial;

    Thinking of buying an aquarium?

    • Aquarium maintenance and cleaning at home and at your office
    • A turnkey solution adaptable to all your needs and your schedule
    • We maintain public aquariums and display aquariums

    If you decide to acquire an aquarium, contact us and take advantage of our advice for the development of your future ecosystem.

    Specifically, what does an installation include:

    Aquarium installation or assembly service .

    Pure water

    • Setting up the aquarium
    • Installation of the filtration system
    • Installation of decorations
    • Tray start
    • Water quality test

    Dirty water

    • Setting up the aquarium
    • Installation of the filtration system
    • Installation of live rocks
    • Tray start
    • Water quality test
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      We therefore offer a turnkey professional solution, adaptable to your availability, for the well-being of your aquatic companions!

      Need our aquarium cleaning services?

      Here are the prices:
      Hourly rate of 100\h.
      Travel costs beyond 30 km from our address , 0.60c per kilometer.
      Free evaluation and advice if you trust us for your aquarium.


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