Who is behind Akua Design?

The history of Akua Design

Akua design Inc. was born in April 2021. The idea of Akua Design accessories and products was born from Dimitry who wanted to find a way to offer personalized accessories for aquarium fans being himself a passionate for several years.

After several hours of research, prototypes and various tests, Akua Design accessories and products as you know them today were born.

Dimitry then allied with his wife Jessica and Jonathan, his brother to create and build the business. The goal? Offer a unique product in a market lacking in innovation and alternatives, while keeping the company "young". At the time Akua Design was born, Dimitry, Jessica and Jonathan were 23, 23 and 34 years old respectively.

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In a second phase, we would like to raise awareness in the community in order to change the way of thinking about their environments.

How are we going to do this?
  • A presence on social networks and the internet as well as in the community.
  • Outdoor activities to make the environment known and participate in its maintenance.
  • An openness to the world in order to discover what is happening elsewhere and to contribute to it.