• Salt for reef aquarium or fish only

    Salt for reef aquarium or fish only

    What is the best salt or what salt to choose for our reef or fish only aquariums. Here we are going to give you some avenues to choose from. Please note that this is not a buying guide but a guide to help you in your choice. It is important to understand that all salts are good, but they were not researched and created...
  • How to set up a Fish Only aquarium?

    How to set up a Fish Only aquarium?

    The abbreviation FO aquarium (fish only) an Anglo-Saxon expression used in to designate a marine aquarium. For this purpose here will represent a seawater aquarium with fish only, but without corals and invertebrates. Tanks with corals require more knowledge and patience, as the physicochemical qualities of the water will be very different no matter what you do. The main advantage of FO is that...
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