At Akua Design, our experts offer you a complete maintenance service, and travel to clean your aquarium, according to your needs, at the frequency you want.


What can our services include:

Maintenance service for aquariums and service de catching up of aquariums.

  • Water change
  • Filter cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Maintenance of plants and decorations
  • Water quality test

We therefore offer a turnkey professional solution, adaptable to your availability, for the well-being of your aquatic companions!

Do you want to see your aquarium again, as clean as when you bought it?

Our Akua Design experts take care of it for you, thanks to our professional and efficient aquarium cleaning service.

Need our aquarium cleaning services?

Here are the prices:
Hourly rate of 50\h.
Travel costs beyond 30 km from our address, 0.60c per kilometer.

Free evaluation if you trust us for your aquarium.


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