Our values

We are very attached to animal welfare and place animals and aquatic life at the heart of our concerns.

Be well informed and well informed

The adoption of an animal is a responsible act that commits over time. Thus, we propose to support you in your reflection and in the construction of your project. Some prior knowledge before adoption is essential. You will need to invest time in order to increase your skills and knowledge in understanding the issues related to aquarium keeping and the maintenance of animals in aquariums, but also, sufficient financial means, in order to offer the better for your residents: food, adequate materials, care, ... The life and health of the animals that you have decided to maintain in a closed aquatic environment are at stake. It is also important that everyone can be informed and ensure that the animals kept and the facilities do not present any danger to others, in particular thanks to an adapted and secure configuration and a good knowledge of the species kept. 

Animal welfare above all

During your life as an aquarist, we urge you to focus on the good health and well-being of your captive animals. We want everyone to be able to prioritize animal welfare over the desire to have and that everyone can offer the best to their residents: aquarium of sufficient size, water quality, suitable food, cohabitation, hygiene rules, ... In addition, insofar as regular veterinary follow-up can hardly be applied to aquariums, we suggest that you support you and put in place all the tools and documentation necessary for establishing a diagnosis and the most suitable treatment based on the clinical aspect of your animals. However, it is your duty to inform yourself, to act on your own and to seek a veterinarian if necessary and necessary.

Protect biodiversity and ecosystems

In order to preserve wild life, the kept animals must not be released into the wild under any circumstances. In order to help and support you, Currently certain measures or tools are in place to help you separate from your animals in good conditions: adoption, linking between individuals, between clubs, etc. 'hope to deter and prevent such illegal and devastating acts. It is the same with regard to direct debits. In addition, we are more in favor of experienced aquarists being able to breed and maintain wild animals in better conditions with the aim of reproducing them and preserving the species.

Amateurs and market values

We are not in favor of amateur breeders reproducing species for their own pleasure or for their market value. Productivity and profitability should not become the only driving force behind breeding practices as they can play a detrimental role on animal welfare and their safeguard. In our opinion, reproductions should not be done solely for the purpose of breeding so as not to take any more. Please note that we are not in favor of the propagation and reproduction of animals with genetic defects or with genetic mutations seriously affecting the health or well-being of an animal.

The final word

We hope and will ensure that everyone can share and convey these values by joining our circle. It is the survival of our passion and we are counting on each of you to improve the living conditions of our animals.

Aquariophily yours,
Akua Design Team,