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Niagara Coral Expo - April 30, 2023

by Akua Design 03 Apr 2023
Niagara Coral Show - Akua Design

Dear friends who are passionate about aquariums

We are pleased to announce the Niagara Coral Expo , taking place April 30, 2023 6815 Stanley Avenue Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada L2G 3Y9. Offering a unique opportunity to discover the latest trends and products in the world of reef aquariums.

The Niagara Coral Expo brings together reef enthusiasts of all skill levels to show, admire and buy corals, learn about all that is happening in the world of reef aquariums.

Niagara Coral Expo 2023 - Akua Design

Don't wait any longer to discover incredible products and living.
Reserve your place now for the Niagara Coral Expo!

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