National Pet Show Quebec - 2022 Present
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National Pet Show Quebec - 2022 Present

by Akua Design 20 Oct 2022

EVENT. Cats, dogs, but also exotic species, the SNAC stands out from other shows by the variety of its animals and the uniqueness of its activities.

The SNAC National Pet Show is above all a place of learning, discovery and awareness of several domestic species.

Booth Akua Design Snac Quebec 2022

For this event, the Akua Design team made an act of presence to advise aquarium enthusiasts. We bring our expertise and experience in this area and popularize according to your level of knowledge.

Snac 2022 Quebec - Teams Akua Design

During this second Akua Design Event, we made more than a dozen winners with our online draw and advised more than a hundred people on good aquarium maintenance practices.

Looking forward to advising you again at a future exhibition.
Don't miss our next events: National Pet Show - Montreal - SNAC - National Pet Show

Snac 2022 Quebec - Carbon Stand Akua Design
Snac 2022 Quebec - Dimitry Montigny

Press article for you:

Crazy Animals | The Journal of Quebec (
Business slows for ranchers | JDQ (
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