Drummondville Exotic Pet Show - 2022
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Drummondville Exotic Pet Show - 2022

by Akua Design 13 Oct 2022

EVENT. Dromedary, fennec, kangaroo, lemur monkey, lynx, parrot, Patagonian mara and African serval. No less than a hundred animals stormed the Centrexpo Cogeco for one weekend, during the Exotic Animals Show.

The Exotic Animals Fair is above all a place of learning, discovery and awareness of several species from native, exotic and domestic fauna. Visitors had the pleasure of having privileged contact with animals that come from all over the world.

Kiosk/Stand Akua Design

For this event, the Akua Design team made an act of presence to advise aquarium enthusiasts. We bring our expertise and experience in this area and popularize according to your level of knowledge.

Akua Design Team

During this first Akua Design Event, we made more than fifteen winners with our online draw and advised more than a hundred people on good aquarium maintenance practices.

Looking forward to advising you again at a future exhibition.
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Reef aquarium - Akua design - exotic animal fair
Accessories counter - Akua design - exotic animal fair

Press article:
Drummondville Exotic Pet Show - 2nd Edition - Centrexpo Cogeco
Exotic animals in the spotlight in Drummondville - L'Express (journalexpress.ca)
Incursion in pictures at the Exotic Animals Show - L'Express (journalexpress.ca)

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