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We're doing business - Almost a year for Akua Design

by Akua Design 07 Feb 2022

Almost a year for Akua Design

Jessica, Jonathan et Dimitry de Akua Design qui se spécialise dans la production et vente de produits pour l'entretien d'aquarium

Unlike the French and American market, the aquarium hobby is little known in Quebec. However, this did not prevent Dimitry Montigny's passion from materializing under the Akua Design brand, in April 2021. Surrounded by his brother, Jonathan, and his wife, Jessica, the young shoot has made a place for itself in the aquarist community thanks to an offer of personalized and handmade accessories by none other than the president, Dimitri Montigny. If the company is currently dedicated to solidifying its presence among enthusiasts through research and product development, it is only in its infancy, underlines Jonathan Montigny. The team hopes one day to be strong enough to get involved in the community in order to share this particular passion while raising awareness of good practices. Akua Design is distributed through three retailers: the Bill et Bull pet store in Saint-Nicolas, the Petite Douceur axolotl farm and the supplier of the same name. It is also a partner of Canada Aqua Marine. Marie-Soleil Brault

Source: The Sun

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