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Imagine by MuraLuxe - Akua Design

by Akua Design 24 Mar 2023

Imagine Muraluxe - Akua Design

Highlight Muraluxe!

Imagine Muraluxe living room - Akua Design

Akua Design
is pleased to highlight companies that offer unique and innovative products to beautify the decor around your aquatic environment. We are delighted to introduce you to Muraluxe , a Canadian company specializing in high-end wall coverings.


Muraluxe panels are designed to offer a superior quality alternative to traditional coverings such as ceramic tile, marble, wood and wallpaper. These panels are extremely durable and versatile, making them perfect for adding a unique design touch to your decor.

Muraluxe is a Quebec company specializing in the creation of mural works of art. During a recent grandiose promotional event in Trois-Rivières at the Cogéco Amphitheater, the event focused on the unlimited possibilities of arrangement and the creation of a unique artistic space.

Imagine Muraluxe

The Pink Panther Parade was the star of the event, featuring high-quality reproductions of original artwork designed by artists in collaboration with Muraluxe. Muraluxe wallcoverings have been used to showcase art and creativity in interior design. They featured the creations of two up-and-coming artists, Audrey Lachance ARTWORK and ALX PERNO , as well as their own Ibrido range. The works of these artists have captured the attention of visitors with their originality, creativity and unique style offering a unique and fascinating artistic spectacle.

Muraluxe Pink Panther Parade
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Audrey Lachance

Audrey Lachance is an abstract artist who stands out in the Quebec artistic sphere with her chic and modern style. Self-taught, she finds her inspiration in the landscapes that surround her as well as in the energy felt on a daily basis. Audrey Lachance takes pleasure in marrying colors to the rhythm of her travel memories and her inspirations. She concludes her paintings with her flowing lines that offer a second look at her art and have become the distinctive signature of her style and architectural panels. You can discover his works on his website https://www.audreyl and also his collaboration with Muraluxe on .

IMAGINE Muraluxe - Akua Design

ALX Perno

ALX Perno creates inspiring architectural panels through extraordinary and unparalleled creativity. His works are vibrant artistic compositions combining painting, photography, graffiti and graphic design. A master in the art of composition and layering, ALX invites viewers to reflect on the artistic expression presented. His works are impactful, colorful and iconic, a hymn to digital culture featuring bold visual content that you will spend hours contemplating. To discover his creations, go to his website or to for his collaboration with Muraluxe.

IMAGINE Muraluxe - Akua Design

We are proud to congratulate Muraluxe on their success and their Platinum Winner award at the INTs. Design Awards . We encourage all of our customers to take a look at their website to see the wonderful wallcovering options they offer.

With Akua Design's custom accessories and Muraluxe panels, you can create a unique and beautiful space to match your aquarium.

Do not hesitate to visit their website for more information and to find inspiration for your next interior design project: or on facebook .

IMAGINE Muraluxe - Akua Design

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