Plant cleaner

$59.99 CAD
$59.99 CAD
$59.99 CAD
Cut: 16oz / 473ml
Subtotal: $59.99
Plant cleaner

Plant cleaner


Plant cleaner

Cut: 16oz / 473ml

PLANT CLEANER is a cleaner and disinfectant for freshwater aquarium plants.

This product will be able to get rid of harmful little snails and algae. It is not corrosive, does not produce toxic fumes.


Permanganate is active against ectoparasites (Argulus, Trichodina, Chifo - donella, Costia), fungi (Saprolegnia, Achlya), bacteria (Myxobacteria) and algae.


At the dosages indicated, permanganate is not toxic to fish. However, in order to preserve the ecosystem. The treatment will have to be done outside the vat.


In a container, mix 10ml of PLANT CLEANER in 1L of water. Let your plants treat for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, be sure to rinse your plants with water before putting them into the aquarium.

NOTE : Harmful algae can take 24 to 48 hours after treatment to disappear completely.

INGREDIENTS :potassium permanganate, water

For aquarium only.
Keep out of the reach of children
Eco-responsible packaging
Made in Quebec
Quality and durable accessories
Safe for ecosystems
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