Chaeto booster

$24.99 CAD
$24.99 CAD
$24.99 CAD

An ideal nutritious for the Chaeto

Easy to dose and use

Better biological filtration

Cut: 4oz / 118ml
Subtotal: $24.99
Chaeto booster

Chaeto booster


Chaeto booster

Cut: 4oz / 118ml

Chaeto Booster - Chaetomorpha growth accelerator for effective biological filtration

Why use Chaeto Booster?

Our natural Chaeto Booster additive is designed to accelerate the growth of chaetomorpha, a macroalgae that absorbs phosphates. This solution will increase the efficiency of the biological filtration of your refuge or chaeto reactor.

Learn more: Supplementation and Benefits Blog

Format and dosage

Chaeto Booster is available in 118ml, 237ml and 473ml sizes. The recommended dosage is 1ml per 20 gallons of water once a week. Do not exceed 3ml for 20 gallons. It is advisable to dose directly into the decanter if possible and to mix well before each use.


Chaeto Booster contains pure ferrous gluconate and water. It is intended for aquarium use only and should be kept out of the reach of children.

Eco-responsible packaging

Our product is made in Quebec with quality and durable accessories. It is also safe for ecosystems.

Please see our FAQ for more information about our products, policy and brand!

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