Caulerpa Prolifera

Caulerpa Prolifera

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Caulerpa Prolifera

Caulerpa Prolifera


Caulerpa Prolifera


Caulerpa prolifera is a fast growing green macroalgae that looks very seagrass when planted in the sand bed. It will grow in the sand bed or on rock.

It can be quite fast growing, periodic trimming will probably be necessary. It can also be placed in a shelter. Regardless of its location, it will export nutrients when harvested. This particular type of macroalgae can be found in a variety of tropical and subtropical waters and grows in a wide variety of marine habitats such as lagoons, reefs, and mangroves.

In a home aquarium, if not grown in a refugium, it can be placed on the sand bed or on the rock. If placed on the rock, it will need to be held down with a piece of rock until it sets. Caulerpa prolifera is also a good food source for tangs or other herbivorous fish if kept in a display tank.

Like many other species of macroalgae, this species makes a good choice for a refuge and can be kept in a display tank as long as its growth can be managed to keep it from getting out of control.

Level: Easy
4-5 pieces
Water parameters:

  • salinity 1.024-0.26;
  • temperature 77-80;
  • ph 7.7-8.2;

Reef safe: yes

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